About us

Khaddar Clothing India Private Limited, trading under the brand name "Khaddar," specializes in selling handloom and handicraft products directly to consumers. The brand's goal is to bring the beauty and essence of Indian crafts to mainstream consumers, while also supporting the livelihoods of craftspeople and helping to preserve traditional crafts.

Unlike other brands, Khaddar does not own its own production unit. Instead, it collaborates with village-based craftspeople across India to employ their regional textile skills and specialties. By doing so, the brand aims to create employment opportunities in rural areas and preserve traditional crafts.

Khaddar is committed to maximizing the handmade process by using hand-woven, hand block-printed fabrics, and vegetable dyes whenever possible. If a power loom is used, the brand ensures that the fabric is decorated using hand processes such as block printing, embroidery, and embellishing.

Founded on September 27th, 2022, Khaddar's mission is to become India's largest private platform for products made using traditional techniques and hand-based processes. By bridging the gap between craft-based rural producers and modern urban markets, the brand aims to create a base for skilled, sustainable rural employment, while also preserving India's traditional handicrafts. Khaddar's products are natural, contemporary, and affordable.


At Khaddar, we hold a deep appreciation for Indian crafts and the talented craftspeople who create them. Our goal is to share the essence of India with customers worldwide and bring the beauty and uniqueness of Indian craftsmanship to a global audience.

Mission: -

Our mission is to build a strong and supportive community of customers, designers, artisans, makers, and entrepreneurs who share our passion for India.

We take pride in delivering products that delight our customers by drawing inspiration from our rich heritage and traditional knowledge. At the same time, we are mindful of protecting the natural environment.

Values & Guiding Principles: - 

At our core, we are committed to achieving constant development of new and innovative products, fostering a fair, equitable and supportive relationship with our producers, and maintaining the highest levels of quality that our reputation is built upon.

We strive to always exceed our customers' expectations by providing exceptional products and outstanding service and ensuring that they feel they are receiving great value for their money.

Our goal is to design, create, and offer products with intrinsic value, stemming from the originality, knowledge, care, and skill with which they are crafted.

As an ethical and trustworthy brand, we are dedicated to promoting a stakeholder-based community model of inclusive capitalism and remaining true to our commitment to this cause.

We aim to continuously communicate our Vision to our suppliers, business associates, and customers, so that together we can ensure that all of our actions are aligned with our Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles.